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Are you a homeowner in Washington, DC? You can decrease or eliminate your Pepco bill with free solar energy. Check if your roof qualifies for the program.

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Welcome to a brighter future in DC with the FreeSolar program where clean energy is accessible to all!

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What is

FreeSolar Plus

Get free solar energy

This is a program designed for DC property owners. This opportunity offers the chance to reduce or eliminate electric bills by installing a solar system free of charge. Harness clean, renewable energy at no cost, thanks to Washington DC's robust incentives and the DC Solar Fund II.

We will plant 100 trees

With ForestPlanet, we plant 100 trees for every installation. This initiative contributes to soil regeneration, habitat restoration, climate mitigation, and support for local communities. Your choice not only powers your home sustainably but also leaves a lasting, positive impact on our planet.

A gift of sustainability

You will receive a specially curated eco-bundle gift from us, valued at approximately $100. This bundle includes a variety of sustainable, multi-purpose products, your copy of the 'Sustainable You' eco-booklet, a $30 credit, and your first complimentary month to explore The Rounds.

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Click the "Apply now" button below to submit your brief application for the program. We'll review your information to determine your preliminary eligibility and reach back out.



We'll schedule a free assessment where our experts will evaluate your roof, electric usage, and other factors. If chosen, we'll guide you through the process to get you enrolled.



Qualified homeowners in DC will have the solar energy system installed and monitored at no cost. We'll ensure a seamless process and provide ongoing support to manage your project.

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Certified Experts

With over a decade of experience as a BBB accredited business, we maintain the highest standards of trust and integrity, committed to quality and customer satisfaction for the best solar experience.

Simplified Solar

We offer a straightforward, hassle-free process focused on education and assistance. We handle all the paperwork, permits, and installation logistics, making the transition an easy experience for you.

Local Support

We are your neighbors. As a local DC team, we understand the unique solar needs of our community. This means personalized service, quick response times, and a deep commitment to helping our city shine.

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